Learn Freelancing [Hindi/Urdu]: Learn With Shajeel

By | August 26, 2020

In this uncertain time, working from home is the new norm and is the only best way to be safe, so through this app, I am giving back to the community.

Do you want to earn online through freelancing and don’t know how to start? This app has video lectures that you can follow at your own pace to become an expert in earning from internet through freelancing.

My name is Shajeel Afzal and I am Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, I have developed this app to share my experience with people who are struggling to start their freelancing careers in these difficult times.

I’ll be creating a lot of video series on the Topics Like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and more.

Upwork Training Course Outline:

What is Upwork
How much can you earn on Upwork?
Profile Creation on Upwork
Profile Approval methods on Upwork
Understanding Upwork Jobs Feed
How Client’s Recent History can help you win Project
Using Advance Job Search on Upwork to find High Ticket Clients
Fixed price vs Hourly Projects on Upwork
Understanding Upwork’s hourly payment guarantee
How Upwork’s Escrow System Work
Which job type you should prefer? Fixed or Hourly? When and Why?
Upwork’s Connect System
Client Badges and Memberships in Upwork
How to identify high paying clients on Upwork
Upwork’s Rising Talent Badge
How to get Upwork’s Rising Talent Badge
Is there any advantage of Upwork Rising Talent Badge?
What is Upwork’s Top Rated Badge
Is there any advantage of Upwork’s Top Rated Badge?
How to get Upwork Top Rated Badge
Upwork’s monthly membership for freelancers
How to apply on jobs to get more results
Upwork Proposal writing conventional methods
Upwork Proposal writing unconventional methods
My Upwork winning proposals
My Upwork proposal writing templates
Understanding Upwork Messaging System
Upwork Payment Cycle
How to withdraw payments on Upwork
Which payment methods are supported on Upwork
Recommended payment method on Upwork
How to purchase connects on Upwork
Introduction to Upwork Agencies
How agencies Upwork
Upwork’s Agency Membership Plans
How to create Upwork Agency Profile
Understanding Upwork agency member roles
Understanding Upwork Agency member permissions
How to add members in Upwork Agency
How connects work in Upwork Agency
How to join someone else’s Upwork Agency
What are the pros and cons of joining someone else’s Upwork Agency
Top 10 highest earning agencies on Upwork
How to purchase Connects in Upwork Agency
How to get paid in Upwork Agency
Understanding Upwork’s Invite system
Upwork from the client’s eye
How proposals look like from the client side in Upwork
Upwork for clients
Things that can get your Upwork Account suspended.
How to remove bad feedback on Upwork Profile
How to Contact Upwork Support

If I get a good response from your people then I’ll be creating a-lof of development video series in the following topics:

1- Flutter Apps Development
2- Dart Programming Basics
3- HTML5
4- CSS3
5- JavaScript
6- PHP
7- MySQL
8- Structural Databases
9- Basics of Programming
10- Objects Oriented Programming
11- Java Basics
12- ChatBots Development
13- Firebase
14- NodeJS
15- and more

I’ll share whatever I know to help you build your career.

Please download and also share the app with your friends.


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