How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in Pakistan

If you skipped the remainder of the guide to read this part, you’re in luck. During this section, we explain the way to earn money from YouTube videos.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

There are a variety of belongings you should know first. this may answer a number of your questions like “How many subscribers do i want to monetize my channel” or “How am i able to monetize my YouTube channel”.

Just like when choosing a distinct segment and marketing your channel, YouTube also features a guide to assist you enable monetization on your channel. you’ll find it here How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in Pakistan.

YouTube Monetization Policy 2020

YouTube’s monetization policy changed this year following controversies with a number of the YouTubers and other problems.

The new criteria mean that you simply got to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on your channel and will have a minimum of 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the nitty-gritty

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in Pakistan.

Enable Monetization on Your Channel

First, you would like to enable monetization on your channel. Here’s how you’ll do it:

Sign in to your YouTube account.

Click on the icon at the highest right and click on “Creator Studio”.

Click on Channel within the menu on the left, then click on “Enable” under Monetization

You’ll be redirected to the present page, which shows you ways to enable monetization. Read the “YouTube Partner Program Terms” to start out .

After you’re done reading the terms, you’ll get to check in for an AdSense account. If you have already got an account, you’ll skip this step. An entire guide the how to check-in for an Adsense account is out there belowHow to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in Pakistan.

Set you monetization preferences, you’ll get to tell Google about the sort of ads you would like to run on your videos etc.

Your channel are going to be reviewed after you reach the 4000 watch hour/1000 subscriber threshold. This usually takes every week .

You’re able to make some money from YouTube!

How to Apply for an AdSense Account

To start earning money from YouTube, you’ll got to have a Google AdSense account. this may enable ads on your selected YouTube videos, letting you earn money for them.

It usually depends on the amount of views you’ve got on those videos and their overall engagement. Not all of your videos will have ads show abreast of them and therefore the sort of ads that are enabled for your videos also has an impression on what proportion money you’ll make.

How To Singh up for an AdSense account:

Sign in to your YouTube account and attend Click on start then next to start .

You will be asked to settle on an account to link with AdSense. Choose the account related to your channelAccept the AdSense association for your channel.

You will be asked to supply contact information (your home/postal address and phone number). Submit your AdSense application after entering relevant info.

Once done, you’ll be redirected to YouTube.

Google will review your AdSense application and can send you an email once your AdSense account has been approved. It can take up to 2 days for your YouTube/AdSense association to become active.

New Monetization Options for Content Creators

In a recent development, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan has introduced three new features for content creators to earn money using YouTube.

1. Channel Membership

Much like Twitch’s subscriptions, YouTube has started paid channel memberships for the users whereby they will get access to exclusive channel content including livestreams, extra videos etc. counting on what the creator is offering.

If you’ve got quite 100,000 followers you’re eligible for this feature and you’ll get subscribers for $4.99. Previously available to chosen creators under the beta testing of the feature, YouTube is now making it live for all users meeting the eligibility criteria.

2. Merchandise Shelf

Got items to sell to your audience? You won’t need to add the links to your stores and products within the video description anymore.

YouTube has unrolled a feature which allows the content creators to showcase their merchandise below each video; you’ll add pictures, price and a brief description of the merchandise .

3. Premieres

YouTube now allows content creators to play a prerecorded video during a live stream under which they will interact with the audience. it’s a landing page a bit like a live stream when it goes live.

For every upload, YouTube content creators can enjoy Super Chats which allows the viewers to buy pinning their comments at the highest .

How Does YouTube Pay You

YouTube determines what proportion you purchase your videos through “Cost Per Impression” or CPI. Whenever someone watches a billboard on your video, your CPI increases. Your CPI usually increases every 1,000 views you get on the video.

CPI itself is decided supported different algorithms and other factors just like the sorts of ads displayed on your video, ad prices, the channel’s audience and recognition etc. It typically ranges from a couple of cents to the maximum amount as $10. on the average you create around $1-$2 per 1,000 views.

After Monetization has been enabled and your channel has been related to your AdSense account, you’ll begin receiving payments. once you found out your AdSense account, you’ll be asked for a payment threshold. Once your balance exceeds the payment threshold ($100), you’ll be paid by AdSense.

There are 4 ways to receive payments from AdSense. This includes:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Check
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Wire Transfer

You will receive payments on a monthly basis, together with your estimated earnings for the previous month tallied under the “Transactions” page on AdSense.

Users outside folks normally get paid by Wire Transfer or a Check.

For example, your earnings for June are going to be tallied and shown to you on July 3rd. then you’ll be paid in payment by July 21st, counting on the payment method you select .

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