How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

How much can we earn from Google Adsense and what to do for good earnings? We are going to talk about it in this post. Because everyone wants to earn money from their blogger website, but initially everyone does not know which ad network is the best.

How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

And nowadays, for those who are in the field of blogging and who are new bloggers, Adsense is the choice in the beginning.

Can I earn from
The first question that comes to the mind of the people is that, can we earn from the Blogspot platform? How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

See if you have designed your blog professionally and your blog looks visually very good. All your posts are original and of high quality. And if you are using BlogSpot platform, then there is no problem in it. Why Adsense gives website created on Blogger very quickly and I think early monetization means that your earnings will also start early.

For this, I would recommend that you purchase a custom domain and then apply for Adsesne.

How much can I earn from AdSense?

This is a question that comes in every blogger’s mind. When I started when I used to ask such questions in my mind. So there is no need to think more about this subject. As much as I know in public, it is that some people earn $ 50 to $ 1000 a day from Adsense and some who are new bloggers take more time to earn.

Some people earn thousands of dollars every month from Adsense, this is true. But I also agree that I have never earned this kind of money from Adsense. So I will tell you that you do not have too much hope that if you post good posts then you will earn so much How much can I earn with Google Adsense?.

You just have to do your work with all hard work and dedication. High quality content has to be provided to the user and equal attention should be paid to SEO.

Because I saw that new bloggers start thinking about making money in the beginning and keep publishing posts and do not pay much attention to what kind of information they are showing to people. What are the content writing No! Just keep posting and you will always rank. So it is not so, brothers. It takes time because the competition here is like getting a government job.

When you post a post, have you ever thought about how many similar posts will be published in the day. So it is very important to keep pensions in the blogging field.

Can I guess Adsense income?

You cannot easily calculate your future AdSense earnings because it is too complicated. You do not know how much money is coming on every click of your Adsense and if you know it, it will not happen every time. Why does it vary where your clicks are from (geographic locations).

Common Factors to Do Adsense Earning Increase

The thing is that AdSense income depends on many factors. Here I am going to tell you some common factors which can be an item in increasing your AdSense earnings.

  1. Niche of your blog
    Let’s start with the basic of AdSense. Google AdSense is based on the concept of AdWords. Where advertisers bid on keywords and then Google’s ads appear on 3rd party websites like you and me.

Now here also comes a concept about high-paying and low-paying niches. for example –

Health, financial loans or legal niche is high CPC (cost per click) niche.
Whereas niche like movies or posters is low paying niche.
The technology niche is a moderate AdSense niche and its income depends on multiple factors of every click.
If you want to know about the topics of Highest Paying Niche, then see the link below –

Top 10 Profitable Blogging Niche in Hindi | Create a blog on this topic in 2020

Where is your traffic coming from

In the income of AdSense, this thing coming from which country is very important.

English-speaking countries have higher CPM (Month at Cost) rates than non-English speaking countries. Apart from this, the average CPM also depends on the spending power of the people in the country.

For example, an advertiser bids more money on every click and if the ad appears on your website and someone clicks on it, you will get more money per click. Therefore, try to ensure that your targeted visitors are also outside India.

Now over time, advertisers are getting smarter and they are doing more bids on long-tail keywords so that they can get good conversion.

For example, if more traffic is coming from your country like U.S.A or U.K, then you will be able to earn more on every click of your AdSense ads. Because the CPC (cost per click) of AdSense in these countries is high.

Similarly, if you are getting traffic from countries of Asia such as India and Nepal on your blog, then there will be very little icome on every click of your Ad because Adsense CPC is very low in these countries. This is the reason that Adsense earnings of Hindi blogs are less than that of websites writing English.

For example, suppose that if there is a Hindi blog and there is an English blog and it has the same traffic, then the earning of English will be higher.

3 Device Type

Even though mobile internet has outpaced the desktop in recent times, when it comes to CPM rates, desktops still earn good dollars. The reason for this is that the smaller screen size and slower speed of mobile network and tablet speed have a lower conversion rate than desktop. So it also has a direct impact on earning. For this

4 Website Quality

Everything is fine in your website, but if the user experience is not good and you cannot engage the user for a long time, then no one will stay on your site for much time and obviously it will be for a short time. There will be no time to watch ads. This means less time, fewer clicks and indirectly lower earnings.

If this is happening on your website, then you should set AIDS in a place where people will get more attention. For this, you can also use in-article AIDS.

5 Blog Performance

The performance of your blog also affects your CTR and CPC.

Being a website slow also affects your blog’s traffic. To perform Blog Growth Increase, first of all you should find a good Hositing Service like BlueHost, Hostgator whose server is fast. Or you can also set up your server on a website like cloud flare.

Choose high quality and Responsive Theme to speed up your website. You can also use a cache plugin.

A fast website increases traffic on your blog and reduces load-time. Reduced load-time gives you more CPC.

You can easily optimize all these factors in a strategic way If you want to know how to create a youtube chnnel read here.

How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

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